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The Monat Marketing Method

So what's the backstory?

Yesterday on my personal Instagram account (@BurnsLikeFashion) I posted this lovely rant...

I will be taking a page from that haircare brand we've all been asked to try out via Instagram and just spam... I mean.... "Advertise" our services at BLF Communications and how great we are at what we do.

Every Single Day.

Probably just on my stories but also maybe in my various social media feeds. For at least a week. Maybe two.

Katherine, that's so annoying. Why would you do that?

Let me explain.

While I have personally never tried their products, I believe that they have come across a GOLDMINE of a marketing strategy:

  1. You either know the brand by name or have heard of them.

  2. Someone has likely approached you to buy the products from them.

  3. You know at least 2 different people selling these products.

  4. If you're a female, have an Instagram or Facebook account, and are above 12 years old, you've probably been asked to "join the team".

  5. You've wondered why anyone would post THIRTY FIVE stories in a day answering (possibly fake) questions that they've been asked about the products or "how they make money"

  6. You've been hoping this craze will die down soon, but it looks like it's only picking up speed...

This, my friends, is the latest version of guerilla marketing, or as I'm calling it in this post, the "Monat Marketing Method".

On Wikipedia, when you look up "Guerilla Marketing", you can find plenty of vague explanations, and then this little gem...

"This type of marketing also works on the unconscious mind, as purchases quite often are decided by the unconscious mind. To keep the product or service in the unconscious mind means repetition is needed, so if a buzz is created around a product and it is shared amongst friends it enables repetition."

If you noticed in my original rant-video, you knew EXACTLY what/ who I was referring to, without mentioning the name of the company, until the very last slide. This is because of their consistent and usually daily reminders on your social media feeds, of who they are, what they're doing, and all the reasons they're loving it so much.

Okay? Where are you going with this...?

I think employing and emulating strategies that are clearly working for other businesses is a smart move! Why try to re-create the wheel when it's working just fine for Becky With the Good Hair?!

I'm going to test out being "top of mind" to my personal community for a week or two, then move my efforts back to my business page.

Now, if you think a $35 bottle of shampoo is cheap, just wait until you see what I'm offering my 45-minute Strategy Sessions for...

Twenty. Dollars.

Yes, that's $20 flat.

Here's the deal. Normally I offer these strategy sessions for $100 to help you (a business owner or operator, an entrepreneur, or a side-hustler) gain some clarity on what direction to take next for your business to help you FOCUS on what needs to get done and prioritize.

In other words, you tell me what your goals are, and what you want to achieve, and I tell you TRUTH BOMBS, some new/fresh ideas to try out, and detailed steps for how to implement something actionable right away.

I also give you a recording of our call, so you can play it back and obsess over it (and our breakthroughs) for a few more weeks.

I also give you a full Audit of your Business with an analysis of what I think you're doing well, what could be improved, and everything you can do pretty much immediately to get closer to your goals.

Here's a sample of the most recent Audit I did, for an online boutique:

Why should I pay you for this though? Aren't we friends? Can I have a discount?

Yes. We are friends. No, I'm not going to give you any more of a discount. I'm basically doing this for free; the $20 deposit is just to ensure that you're serious about this, and that you won't flake on our pre-scheduled call time.

These Audits and Strategy Calls take much more of my time than the 45 minutes that we're on the phone together. I put A LOT of effort into digging through your potential customer's path to purchase and find any causes for confusion or bottlenecks.

I pay attention to details.

I'm very thorough.

I have loads of experience doing this...

Which brings me to my next question... If you're so experienced, why are you offering this for only $20 then?

Because until I just told you, you had no idea. Unlike "That Shampoo Company", I don't have thousands of fans. I don't have a flood of positive ratings or reviews. I don't have a consistent stream of testimonials. #RealTalk, most of my clients prefer that I stay the "anonymous background helper".

This is what I'm asking for. You get A SEVERELY discounted service, in exchange for a rating/review on my Facebook Business Page, or a video testimonial (preferably horizontal) that I can use in my future marketing materials.

Again... Where are you going with this...?

If you can pre-pay at signup for your next SoulCycle or Barre class, you can schedule a $20 (worth $100) session with me to figure out whats up with your biz.

You're right. Where can I request a Strategy Session Call?


And LAWD help me if one of you read this and offers to send me a sample.

Do. NOT. Offer. Me. More. Shampoo.

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