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The Exposure You Deserve

  • Tier 1- The Basics:

    • Create + maintain updated press kit with images, evergreen press releases, boiler plates, biographies, product information, etc.

    • Limited coordination of inbound PR or media opportunities

    • 1 Dedicated, personalized pitch per month 

    • Social listening + alerts of media mentions

  • Tier 2- The Standard: Everything Included Above, Plus:

    • Create seasonal PR campaigns with fresh angles for blasts 

    • 1 Dedicated, personalized pitch per week

    • Trend monitoring

    • Inbound influencer coordination & management

  • Tier 3- The Upgrade: Everything Included Above, Plus:

    • 3 Dedicated, personalized pitches per week

    • Consistent follow-ups to media pitches + press release blasts

    • Dedicated "Coverage Book" archive of all media clippings

    • Private coaching to prep for each interview

    • Product seeding + sample sending

    • Fielding media at events/ exhibitions

  • Establish + Maintain Brand Ambassador / Influencer Program

  • Event Coordination + Execution

Monthly retainer prices for Tier 1 start at $900, Tier 2 start at $1600, and Tier 3 start at $2500. Monthly retainers for Brand Ambassador Programs start at $750, after initial setup fees. Event Coordination & Execution Rates vary by season and size. 

Custom packages available for all. 


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